Shipwreck Icon West Coast TrailThe Graveyard of the Pacific: Shipwreck Tales from the Depths of History, by Anthony Dalton is a fantastic and inexpensive book to get a taste of some of the most interesting shipwrecks found along the West Coast Trail. The book is just 121 pages, but it leaves you with a great outline of the notorious Graveyard of the Pacific. The Prologue throws you into the nerve wracking moments just before the Valencia wrecked and the next horrifying 36 hours ensued.

West Coast Trail Shipwrecks

 Shipwreck on the West Coast TrailAlaskan at 4k Shipwreck on the West Coast TrailSoquel at 5k Shipwreck on the West Coast TrailSarah at 7k Shipwreck on the West Coast TrailBecherdass-Ambiadass at 8k Shipwreck on the West Coast TrailMichigan at 12k Shipwreck on the West Coast TrailUzbekistan at 13.8k Shipwreck on the West Coast TrailVarsity at 17.6k Shipwreck on the West Coast TrailValencia at 18.3k Shipwreck on the West Coast TrailJanet Cowan at 19k Shipwreck on the West Coast TrailRobert Lewers at 20k Shipwreck on the West Coast TrailWoodside at 20.2k Shipwreck on the West Coast TrailUncle John at 26.2k Shipwreck on the West Coast TrailVesta at 29k Shipwreck on the West Coast TrailRaita at 33k Shipwreck on the West Coast TrailSkagit at 34.2k Shipwreck on the West Coast TrailSanta Rita at 37k Shipwreck on the West Coast TrailDare at 39k Shipwreck on the West Coast TrailLizzie Marshall at 47k Shipwreck on the West Coast TrailPuritan at 48.5k Shipwreck on the West Coast TrailWempe Brothers at 49.4k Shipwreck on the West Coast TrailDuchess of Argyle at 58k Shipwreck on the West Coast TrailJohn Marshall at 62.3k Shipwreck on the West Coast TrailWilliam Tell at 64.2 Shipwreck on the West Coast TrailRevere at 69k Shipwreck on the West Coast TrailCyrus at 75k

West Coast Trail Campsites

Pachena Bay Campground West Coast Trail CampsitesMichigan Creek at 12k West Coast Trail CampsitesDarling River at 14k West Coast Trail CampsitesOrange Juice Creek at 15k West Coast Trail CampsitesTsocowis Creek at 16.5k West Coast Trail CampsitesKlanawa River at 23k West Coast Trail CampsitesTsusiat Falls at 25k West Coast Trail CampsitesCribs Creek at 42k West Coast Trail CampsitesCarmanah Creek at 46k West Coast Trail CampsitesBonilla Creek at 48k West Coast Trail CampsitesWalbran Creek at 53k West Coast Trail CampsitesCullite Cove at 58k West Coast Trail CampsitesCamper Bay at 62k Thrasher Cove - West Coast Trail CampsitesThrasher Cove at 70k Pacheedaht Campground

The Prologue ends with, "Valencia's bow veered round to the west, but it was too late. The ship plowed into the rocks." The full story of the Valencia, the deadliest shipwreck along the West Coast Trail stretch of the Graveyard of the Pacific is told in Chapter 8. One shipwreck in the Graveyard surpasses the Valencia in lives lost, though the sinking was mercifully quick. This story is told in Chapter 4: The Pacific Disaster of 1874. Chapter 5: Janet Cowan Meets Her End is an extraordinary shipwreck that happened not far from the Valencia near the 19km mark of the West Coast Trail. Another West Coast Trail shipwreck in the book is in Chapter 9, titled Soquel's Misfortune. The Soquel shipwreck happened during a snowstorm on January 22, 1909, just three years after the Valencia met her end. The Soquel shipwreck is a heartbreaking story with the crew of twelve and the captain, his wife and three year old daughter. Making their escape from their wrecked ship during a storm the captain was passing his daughter to his wife when one of the ships masts came crashing down, killing his daughter in an instant and throwing him violently backward. An instant later the captains wife was killed by the same mast smashing over the deck. For several hours they fought to stay alive on the storm ravaged ship and though ships arrived to help, they had to wait out the storm to offer any rescue. Eventually the crew and captain were rescued and the Soquel was smashed to pieces when the next storm raged through.

The Soquel on Seabird Rocks

The wreck occurred on Seabird Rocks at roughly the 6km mark of the West Coast Trail. The Graveyard of the Pacific can be found on Amazon for just $10. Well worth the price for the incredible stories!

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